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I am Ida ZaraGrace, Prophet and Evangelist--in ministry since 1995. You are most welcome to this web site! And thank you for being a partaker in God's truths.

As an End-time prophet to the Church and to the nations, much insight will be shared here regarding the Church and ministry in the End Time. The End-time ministry is a Prophetic Movement in which the hand of God will become quite visible. The Church as it is defined today will be quite different, because the prophetic Movement is a bold move of God, where everything will be laid bare.

The journey started for me twenty-three years ago, in a dramatic encounter that completely turned my life around. It was the Call of God, and nothing has remained the same in my life. Once used to seeing the world, like most adults, through my own eyes, the Lord gave me sight and vision and trained my eyes to see the world through His Word. It is a beautiful thing to behold the world through the eyes of God--a difficult but possible journey, by His Grace.

I invite you to come and do the same.You will come to understand that God has no rejects, the life of the pauper is as important to God as that of a prince. It is this realization that is missing from many human relationships that causes some to put themselves above others. ALL LIFE IS A TREASURE TO GOD!

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