The end-time prophetic mission

The End-time ministry is a prophetic move of God. And the mission of the Church will be accomplished on a Prophetic platform. It is for the bold, that is, for those who have made a total commitment to follow God. Showing up in Church to attend a Sunday Service will no longer be sufficient. A total commitment and sincere Christian life is what God is asking in these dangerous times.The world is moving through dangerous times, and is not abating yet. But those who have learned to live by God's Grace will prevail.
Prophetic Evangelism as a major platform of the End-time prophetic mission of the Church will be visible from everywhere on earth. No one is excluded, God will move in the midst of men as never before seen since the world began. The world is right now at the verge of the collapse of the old world order. This will seamlessly unfold a new world order where there is one people, one God, and one destiny. But the price of achieving this unity will be dire, as those who have long presided over many things will be reluctant to give up what they see as only belonging to them, thus painting a picture of opposing sides. At any time, the victory belongs to God and to those who are on His side. To be on God's side means to stand for truth and justice, and for righteousness. As God's Word takes hold on earth as will be witnessed soon, the old order which has already cracked open will begin to fall apart. The Church of God is set to conquer the world by the Word of God.

As the Church moves toward the Universal Vision to take hold of it--a blessing for the End-time Church--the powers of evil will raise up their heads, attempting to snatch it. But God will demonstrate His power beyond what has been seen on earth before. The Church is getting ready for the most glorious times on earth, but that could also mean some of the most difficult times on earth. As the Lord prepares to come into His own, there are others who will be making counter moves, but the end of such moves will be terrible.The warriors are set for battle on all sides, but the place to be is on God's side. But what function does prophecy play in the Moves of God? It provides quickness, the ability for things to move at a fast pace, with the direct indication that God is on board.Wisdom is not what somebody thinks or says will happen, wisdom is what God says He can or will do and you believing it.

Wisdom is the pillar upon which the End-time Church will conduct its activities, not men's wisdom, but Holy Spirit inspired Wisdom. This will be the only guarantee of victory. With God, Godly Wisdom can never be in short supply.